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Archive: Oct 2015

  1. Call them ‘trusted partner’ or ‘recommended vendor’ lists — but regulators may call them a RESPA violation  Amy Swinderman   Oct 20, 2015 Key Takeaways If your brokerage makes use of “preferred vendor lists,” you could be extending a welcome mat to regulators, according to many compliance experts These lists are a fairly common practice used […]

  2. By:  Mike Kajfasz, VP Toledo Area Manager, Chicago Title   The new CFPB rules will mean that everyone in the industry will need to stay in constant communication with ALL parties to the transaction like never before! Here are some reasons why:   –          The new rules apply based on the date of the loan […]

  3. By:  Mike Kajfasz, VP Toledo Area Manager, Chicago Title As I noted previously, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the new mortgage process ‘sheriff in town’. It seems only appropriate to use the Clint Eastwood movie title “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” to go over the details of the new rules. I’m sure […]