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Archive: Aug 2020

  1. NORIS News 8-31-20

    Five Tips for Providing Your Clients a Happier Home Search – RECORDED WEBINAR *Protect your client relationships inside an app without third-party advertising. *Connect your clients directly to MLS data so they’re never disappointed by outdated listings. *Stay on top of your clients’ interests with instant alerts about listings they favorite. *Leave a strong impression […]

  2. NORIS News 8/24/20

    Nine Ways to Use MarketStats It’s crunch time for listing agents and buyer’s agents, but there’s good news: you can lean on MarketStats tools to support your efforts by providing access to up-to-the-minute data, telling you exactly what’s happening in your market.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE. Question: How can I put in a non-branded virtual […]

  3. NORIS News 8-17-20

    Realist™ Product Enhancement On Wednesday 8/12 CoreLogic deployed several product enhancements to Realist. The list of enhancements are: Comparable Selection Page – Increasing to 50 max comps result Neighbors Report – Increasing to 30 max Neighbors Enhancement to Homepage Print – Print All Enhancement to Homepage Email – Email All Question: How long do I need […]

  4. NORIS News 08-10-20

    Question: I have a seller that needs their listing withdrawn from the MLS system. What do I need to do? Answer: Go to the Resource Section in Matrix. Scroll down to the “Area List, Property Data, MLS change Form, & Comp Only Instructions” and click on MLS Change Form. This form needs completely filled out […]

  5. NORIS News 08/03/20

    6 Ways the dotloop Mobile Scanner Saves Real Estate Agents Time Driving to a client’s house and taking pictures of needed repairs or improvements is so 2019. Not to mention it’s a major time suck that can be easily remedied with the dotloop mobile app. If you have images that should accompany your transaction, this trick works for […]