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Toledo Police logoToledo Police Department Burglary Prevention Tips

Dear Toledo Resident:

The Toledo Police Department and the Northwest Ohio Realtors are working together to reduce the number of burglaries to vacant homes in your neighborhood. In the past twelve months, there have been numerous break-ins to vacaed homes in the surrounding area. The majority of these recent burglaries have occurred to homes with "For Sale" signs in the front yard or those homes easily identifiable as being vacant. In an effort to reduce this type of criminal activity, the Toledo Police Department and the Northwest Ohio Realtors are requesting your assistance. We ask that you consider the following:

Neighborhood security requires community participation and your efforts are very much appreciated by the Toledo Police Department and Northwest Ohio REALTORS. In an effort to provide you with the tools you need, attached are additional crime prevention tips, a notepad and pen.

Lieutenant Cheryl Hunt

Burglary Prevention Tips for Vacant Properties

Burglary Prevention Tips

Motor Vehicle Crime Prevention

Inside Vehicle

Locking Vehicle

Parking Vehicle


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